Black Vending Stand 35"

Black Vending Stand 35".

Mounts 3 Large & 4 Small Vendors or 8 Small Vendors.

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With the unique "Upside-Down" Mounting Bracket Design, this rack stand is called the "work horse" of the vending industry because every machine sits on its back. The brackets slide under the rails of both the upper and lower shelf providing a versatility that matches any equipment configuration. Whether you're vending with bulk vendors, capsules vendors, sticker machines or novelty equipment, this rack stand is the perfect choice. Each stand is powder coated with a high grade glass black which will provide years of service even in the toughest locations.

35" width. (Width stated above is inside, usable space.) Height: 37". Depth: 16".

To calculate which size stand you need, add the width of all the machines you wish to mount on a shelf (be sure to include up to a 1/2" for spacing in between machines). There is 21" between the top and bottom shelf and allow at least 16" depth when putting the rack against a wall.

Optional Casters (Wheels) Available.

(Machines not included. Illustration only.)

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