7' 6" Mega Wizard

7'6'' Mega Wizard


This monolithic machine has 3 coin mechanisms and three separate tracks inside the cylinder to allow teams of customers to race their gumballs. Every month YOU need to race to the bank with bags of quarters. The Mega is really a Mall, Amusement Park, Museum or other high-traffic area machine. For example: in the typical mall location (around the Food Court) the Mega brings in over $2000 per month in October, November and December. If you have a mall location, this custom-built machine is for you.

Don't forget the Gumballs, Bouncy Balls and Round Capsules
We have a full line to fill your needs

Height: 7'6"
Base Diameter: 41"
Weight: 400.00 lbs
Capacity: 20,000 gum
Globe size: 35"

Colors Red, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Green, Black and White.

MEGAWIZARDRegular price: $2,649.99Sales Price $2,499.99Colors: 

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