Triton 16",18" & 23" with Stand

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The Triton can be customized using a combination of Beaver's RB16, RB18, and RB23 series vending machines. This attractive display provides product variety and possesses the high quality standard only found in a Beaver Machine. The Triton is constructed using die cast powder coated parts and triple chrome plated accents including, the stand base, machine bases, lids, hoppers, chute doors, and coin mechanisms. The machine bodies are ABS impregnated plastic and the globes are shatterproof polycarbonate. The extended cash box option secures over 1100 quarters per unit and can lock using a different key than the one used to open the machines. This operator friendly feature allows access to the machine for refilling while not necessarily permitting access to the cash. The stand is offered in the unique colors and the Round Beaver offers a choice of 9 colors.

Standard Features and Benefits

Base: Unique Meridian base

Hardware: Mounting plate and hardware included, with the ability to mount the machines as an island set up with access from all sides, or rotated with the coin mechanisms facing forward to place the unit in a corner or against the wall.

Machines: Includes 1 RB16, 1RB18 and 1 RB23 complete with New Generation single coin mechanisms.

Color: Available in Yellow, Red or Blue.

Vending Machine Specifications: Height: 55" Base: 18" Top width: 20"

16-inch head capacities: Candy: 10 lbs. Gumball: 350 one-inch gumballs Capsule: 250 one-inch capsules

18-inch head capacities: Candy: 13 lbs. Gumball: 430 one-inch gumballs Capsule: 310 one-inch capsules

23-inch head capacities: Candy: 20 lbs. Gumball: 680 one-inch gumballs Capsule: 480 one-inch capsules

Change capacity: Up to $450 worth of quarters

TRB$539.99Colors:  Base:  16 Inch Machine Dispenser:  18 Inch Machine Dispenser:  23 Inch Machine Dispenser:  Shipping Charge For This Item Is $74.95: 

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