Tractor Time Crane Machine

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Kids love to excavate candy and prizes again and again with the Tractor Time Crane! This fun machine lets kids see and hear the roar of the tractor as it rotates side to side and then, at the press of a button, scoops up a load of prizes, candy, plush or whatever else you choose. The rotating prize basin makes it even funner to use. The Tractor Time was #1 in the Crane and Rotary category in a recent PlayMeter Magazine Poll, and for good reason. Give this machine a try and you'll see why the Tractor Time is bringing in amazing profits for so many.

How it works: This game is easy to use so kids of all ages will love it. Simply press the bright green button and let the tractor do the rest. The tractor will lower its arm into the prize tub and attempt to retrieve a prize, swinging it over to the prize chute and releasing it. Proven success in bowling alleys, family restaurants, sports bars, bar & grills, arcades, waterparks, movie theaters, amusement parks, skating rinks, sports arenas, pizza shops, campgrounds, family entertainment centers, laundromats, travel stations, big box retailers, golf/mini golf courses, zoos and many more!

Solid metal cabinet Includes sound effects Programmable single play or play 'til you win Works with prizes including plush, novelties, bouncy balls, capsules & candy Suitable for all ages Small footprint! Made in the USA Dimensions: 64H x 28"W x 36"D Weight: 300 lbs.

Optional Bill Acceptor Available.

Made in the USA by OK Manufacturing.

Shipping: $350 within the continental US.

OKTT$2,995.00Need Bill Acceptor:  Shipping Charge For This Item Is $350.00: 

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