Vendco Beverage/Snack  Machine

Vendco Beverage/Snack Machine

The future in machines...You can make any tray a snack or drink tray.

12 Snack Selections. 18 Drink Selection.

Coin Mechanisms and Bill Acceptor included.

Individual pricing for each selection. Takes $1 & $5 Bills. Uses Nickels, Quarters and Dimes.

Price products from 5 to $99.95.

Machine is MDB.

Dual temperature zone. Ultra-Vend Drop Detection.

Beverage Capacity: 175 items 12oz. Cans, 16.9oz.Bottles, 20oz. Bottles

Snack Capacity: 24-30 items per tray. Features pull out and tilt down trays for easy loading.

Specifications: Size: 72" high x 34" wide x 28" deep (unboxed). Weight: 585 lbs.

Manufactured by Vendco, LLC.

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